If your company or organisation has other engagements outside their main office, chances are that there will be days when employees will be sent to stay in other towns or regions. Finding corporate accommodation can be stressful. One of the ways to make the process easier is by knowing the options which are available and having a discussion on the best solution.

Accomodation for Corporate Employees

  • Short term rentals: These kinds of housing units are available for lease under different terms. They have a monthly payment plan, three months, or even yearly, depending on how long the employee plans to stay. Typically, the shorter time one spends at the rentals, the higher the monthly bill.
  • Corporate housing: The concept of these is similar to the short term housing plan, but they are more deliberate in offering services which appeal to the clientele. For instance, they will focus more on stable internet, and might even have a small meeting room setting. They also know that their tenants are likely to travel more, so they take that into consideration and may be open to a shorter lease than short term rentals.
  • Sublets: In this kind of arrangement, it means taking over the lease from the current tenant. This can be where the guest and existing tenant live together and share some responsibilities, such as rent and utilities. It is not a very common type of accommodation for corporates, but it can be used, especially in areas where it is difficult to find an apartment.
  • Vacation rentals: There are sites and apps such as HomeAway, Airbnb and Owner Direct where people can rent directly through property owners. This can be either for a short period or longer. For such options, it is best to read reviews and clearly understand the kind of accommodation one will be getting.