If you are ever on a business trip which requires an extended stay, or if you are moving into a new city for work and you do not have a permanent place to live, you need to find an option that makes you feel comfortable and safe.

As much as hotels are luxurious and convenient, they never provide the comfort which makes you feel like you are home. One of the best alternatives to use is corporate housing. This is accommodation provided on a short term basis.

About Corporate Housing

To put it simply, there is not so much difference between a hotel and corporate housing. The difference only comes in the treatment and services offered. In fact, there are some hotels which provide corporate housing. Some apartments provide corporate housing. The primary purpose of staying in corporate accommodation is to have a fully furnished space that is even big enough to take in your family if need be. There are also options for having a whole house as corporate housing. The kind of services offered range from one provider to another, with some giving full facilities, including a maid. It always helps to be specific. If you love watching movies, it helps to find a place where you can stream.


How much you will get charged when using corporate housing varies depending on different factors. The price is always pegged on the location, services, and extras which they provide. Generally, corporate housing tends to be a little more expensive than when booking a holiday, since they have to give extra services, such as the internet.


The services provided tend to be different depending on many factors, such as how much you pay and location. Generally, the bill always includes accommodation and basic utilities such as the internet, electricity and water.

When it comes to finding the right housing, the internet provides numerous options. An alternative is using an agent.