Glasgow is the largest city in Scotland, and it has many things to explore. Many people who visit Glasgow marvel at the numerous opportunities and interesting facts about this city.

Renting in Glasgow

The housing cost in Glasgow is relatively cheap compared to what tenants can pay in major cities of the world. The prices paid for rent vary, depending on where you plan to stay, and the kind of housing unit you are looking for. A glimpse of the charges indicates that a:

  • One bedroom apartment in the city centre costs £450 or more
  • One bedroom apartment outside the city centre costs £350 or more
  • Three bedroom flat in the city centre is about £900 and above
  • Three bedroom flat outside the city centre is about £600 and above

Options Available for Accommodation in Glasgow

If you are staying for a short time, and you do not want to rent an apartment, some of the available options are:

  • Hotels
  • Shared apartments
  • Hostels and dorms
  • Using Airbnb

Transport in Glasgow

There are many roads and railway lines in Glasgow, and the three international airports are also easy to access for people who want to use flights. The easy access to transportation makes it an ideal place for businesses, trade and tourism. Public transport is also very reliable, so this makes it easy for visitors who do not have access to personal vehicles. Their subway system is excellent.

The Culture and People

The culture in Glasgow is dynamic and vibrant. The primary language spoken in the city is English, so it should not be difficult moving around, even for expatriates. If you want to learn more about Scottish culture, visiting open areas such as market places will provide the right opportunity to mingle. Many people enjoy sports, and walking into a bar during the main sporting events can give you a social side of the people of Glasgow.