There are different reasons why people have to be away from home. When this situation arises, there is a need to find the right accommodation. This website is dedicated to those who may be able to make use of long term temporary accommodation.

Who May Need This Type of Accommodation?

One of the great things about travelling is that there is usually plenty of different types of accommodation to choose from. For those who require lodgings for an extended period, their best choice may be temporary apartments. Here, we have focused on this for both the visitors and the business travellers.

Adapting to Long Stays

It can be difficult to be away from home for a long time. Here, we have provided some information as to how to enjoy your long stays from home. It may prove to be helpful if this is a new experience for you.

For the Business Traveller

It is not uncommon for corporations to send their employees on long business trips. The posts which we have here concerning the best accommodation can make this much more pleasant for the business traveller.


For those who are going to have an extended stay in Glasgow, we have prepared some useful information as to what it is like to live here in this wonderful place. Hopefully, the information provided will help those who are staying here temporarily to feel more like they are at home.

An extended stay away from home can be made far more enjoyable if long term apartments are considered for the accommodation.